Deep diving in Search Console data

Bellow a list of interesting ressources to play with Search Console data. I’ve put in bold what makes the dashboard somehow different. Feel free to comment to complete this list. Using DataStudio Search Console: Data Studio template to run a risk-free analysis – Dashboard – by Alice Roussel Group keywords by number of words Group […]

Ecommerce Conversion Rate with Google Analytics API

To get the ecommerce conversion rate with Google Analytics API, you can use the metric ga:transactionsPerVisit or ga:transactionsPerSession depending of API version you are using. Enjoy ! 🙂

Finding the LCP node with Chrome DevTools

Official documentation about Largest Contentful Paint is super interesting and explicit. But it misses one thing: How to identify the largest node / block / image /text ? Chrome DevTools allows you to find which node you should optimize. Simply follow the steps below. Open Chrome Open the page you want to find the LCP […]

Google and Canonical URL

In this post I will change the canonical URL in the <head>, just to see how Google and Googlebot behave between discovery of the URL discovered in the tag. The canonical tag looks like this: I’ve changed the URL in this example on purpose, in order to make sure that Googlebot discovers the URL only […]

Impact of search of images on log for SEO

I recently stated a huge difference between the traffic monitored in the Search Console and what I could find in the log files using Kelogs log analyzer. My first hypothesis is that Google Image could be at the origin of this difference, with a preload in background. Second hypothesis is that the first results in […]

Test of Indexation of images in background by Google

In this post, there is a background image. It is the picture of my 3 years old Macbook Pro 2016 which is already dying… The screen is sometimes not usable, and most of the time there is just one line, vertical. The idea is to check if either of not Google will index an image […]

Who knows this rare fish ?

If you’ve read my last blog post, you will see that it didn’t help to use the title of an image to rank in the SERPs. So I decided to push the test a little bit further, until I manage to get the image indexed. So here is the picture of a very rare – […]

Does the Title of picture help to rank in Google in 2020 ?

I recently read that Google uses the title of the images to rank them in Google Images. It would be kind of a little revolution, since it has never been considered as useful. I decided to make my own test, just to make sure it works also for me. So here is the picture, it’s […]

Comment déplacer une cuisinière en fonte ?

Je vais devoir déplacer une cuisinière en fonte, ce qui peut être une tâche difficile en raison de son poids et de sa taille. J’ai donc fait tourner chatGPT, voici les quelques étapes clés énoncées par cet outil pour vous aider à déplacer votre cuisinière en fonte en toute sécurité et efficacement. En suivant ces […]

Périgord: Comment évaluer le prix des biens immobiliers ?

Le prix d’un bien immobilier dans le Périgord, comme dans d’autres régions, peut être influencé par plusieurs facteurs. Voici quelques-uns des critères les plus importants à prendre en compte. L’emplacement est souvent le facteur le plus déterminant dans la valeur d’un bien immobilier. La taille et la superficie du bien, tant en termes de surface […]

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