How-to install mnoGoSearch on Debian Jessie

mnoGoSearch tested with a fresh Debian Jessie 7.5 instance :

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
#Only jessie distrib
---> deb jessie main
---> deb-src jessie main

#Update package list
sudo apt-get update

#Upgrade distrib with new distrib repository
sudo apt-get upgrade

#Install MySQL & PhpMyAdmin BEFORE mnoGoSearch
sudo apt-get install mysql-server phpmyadmin

#Create a new db
---> create new db db_test_mnogo at http://IP/phpmyadmin/

#Go in the /tmp/ directory for instance
cd /tmp/

#Download mnogoSearch package / Here it's not the last one

#Unpack and install
sudo dpkg -i mnogosearch_3.3.13-1.static_amd64.deb

#Go to the newly created mnoGoSearch directory
cd /etc/mnogosearch

#Backup and rename the conf file
sudo cp indexer.conf-dist indexer.conf

#Setup mnoGoSearch to work with MySQL
sudo nano indexer.conf
---> replace DBAddr  mysql://root:passmysql@localhost/db_test_mnogo/?dbmode=blob
---> add Server near the end of the file

#Go to the exe file directory
cd /usr/sbin/mnogosearch

#Create DB
./indexer -Ecreate
Enjoy :)

Official doc :


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